Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So for Happy Hour with Johnny and Duce I am a panelist on a Doctor Who Panel for Syfy Saturdays Bartow. Here is the outline they gave me. Any Thoughts? Ideas? Advice? This is my first ever panel and I just wanna do great to help promote the are show!

The Phone Box Diaries: 50 years of Doctor Who


Nienna: Overview of the panel.

Spoiler Warning

Save your questions for the end.

Introduction of individual panel members.

Hi I'm


I started watching



Optional: You might know me from

[Blog/Show/Nerd Thing I am involved in]


Optional: I cosplay

[character from Doctor Who]

An extremely brief history of Doctor Who.

Nienna: Doctors 1-8 in under 5 minutes.

If you're particularly fond of anyone 1-8 feel free to expound on why.

9 through 11 in 10 minutes. (Expound More Freely)

The Day of the Doctor, The Time of the Doctor, and the intro of 12

Jump in with your favorite companion when they come up.

Advice to #NewToWho on where to start watching and why.

Discussion of Season 8: Talking points in no particular order.

What did you like about the new season?

What did you have a problem with?

Which characters are you happy to see back?

Which characters have you seen enough?

Who do you wish we'd see again?

How do you think Capaldi is doing?

Why are you angry? (lets face it, in this fandom we're all angry about something)


What's one thing you'd like to see in season 9?

Last 15 minutes: Questions and comments from the floor.

General directions:

Come prepared to introduce yourself, feel free to write down what you want to say if it makes


things less awkward.

If there's a specific point on the outline where you want to make a comment, feel free to write a


reminder for that too.

We want to provide information to anyone who might not have seen the show but also to


encourage discussion and speculation among the fans. Interrupt, it's fine, and I'm generally

good about keeping things from devolving into chaos. We want excited humans.

Think about how you want to comment. "I don't like the 12th doctor" is less engaging than "I'm


not used to having an older actor in the role so I'm struggling to see Peter Capaldi as the

Doctor" Not liking a particular doctor or companion or episode is fine as long as you explain your


why. Everyone has a why.

Be nice. Don't make me separate any of you.

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