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I need more of the Joker in my life

I've been playing the hell out of Arkham Asylum recently and started to re-read The Killing Joke, so I'm on a Joker kick right now. I asked my Twitter feed and got no answers so I bring my question to you polite denizens of the O-Deck: I want Joker comics and I wants them now.

I've always been more of a Marvel and Vertigo reader. I think a lot of DC characters just... aren't that great. I actively dislike Superman, *puts up anti-flame shields* who is the most useless and boring of superheros, and I never found much interesting in the Flash or Green Lantern. But man, do I love me some Batman. Dark, gritty, zany, bizarre. How could you not completely love it? Also, Batman has the BEST and most iconic villains of any superhero, DC or Marvel. Which is why I'm here.


I love the Joker. I think he's fascinating and just plain fun to watch. I loved watching him in the zany Adam West Batman TV show. I loved watching him be played with heartrendering perfection by Heath Ledger. I love when he's voiced by Mark Hamill in the cartoon and video games. He's a perfect villain.

So I own the Killing Joke and it's amazing. I want to read other Batman comics which focus heavily on him. What do you all suggest? I don't have a local comic book store (which is insane, I live near a major city. The hell) so I'm getting these off Amazon.

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