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I need to emotionally dump somewhere and this feels like the best place

This is my current emotional state, explained in gif-form.


While part of it is due to my current lack of self control to deal with this crap pile but it's also because I CAN'T GET A FLIPPING WIN!!

CliffNotes of what's wrong.

*Busted my butt making things for a craft fair, no one bought anything because another fair was going on and the people at my fair were lame Hot Topic kids,


*Finally got the courage to ask SisterJugglerTheEldest for the money for my new laptop, had to endure the freaking Spanish Inquisition to get it.

*Found a laptop that I liked on eBay. Didn't hear from the people for a week because they were on vacation and they don't have it.


*Found great substitute at Best Buy but can't buy it because....

*People from eBay said they would refund the money. Haven't after 3 days.

*Asked SisterJugglerTheEldest to log into her eBay account on MamaJuggler's computer so I can handle this myself (since I'm the most inconvenienced person) and to sic eBay on (non)Seller. Gets yelled at by SJTE for bothering her.


*Been sleeping like crap

All in the past week. I feel like I'm being punished for wanting too many things but I know that's just the lack of self control and sleep talking. It still sucks, it still hurts and while I know the best course of action at this point is just to wait, I still don't have to like it.


I'm tempted to take another course of action but I know I need to calm down before I decide anything.

So I'm about to cry in my closet for about 10 minutes to clear out all of this emotional constipation and cowboy up because I'm Geesejuggler and dang it, I'm awesome!!


Feel free to post words of comfort, advice, funniness and general awesomeness below.

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