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I now realize why I have seen an uptick of viciousness in the trolls

Disclaimer: What follows doesn't take into account all the trolling, mind you, and is primarily in reference to Gawker main. It is so obvious now but I didn't see it at first - if anyone already mentioned this to me and I am stealing your insight, let me know (I forget things). Essentially we are seeing some of the Opie & Anthony army at work here. The followers of these guys are pretty notorious for going after people they believe to be enemies of the radio program. Throughout the history of the show they have organized operations to mercilessly troll on behalf of their radio gods. There is no bigger enemy right now than Gawker's own Aleksander Chan whose story on Anthony Cumia's racist/misogynistic Twitter rant was the impetus for Cumia's firing from Sirius radio.


There is an Opie & Anthony reddit thread on the subject. It is only has 88 comments but you can see how motivated Cumia fans are already talking about trolling Chan's articles. To be fair, many of them are saying it is is a waste of time and that Aleksander was merely reporting what Cumia himself said. (Please be aware, any Opie and Anthony forum is going to be full of sexist, racist, and generally horrible people — you've been warned.)

But just to give an even clearer idea of what type of quality people hardcore Cumia fans are you need look no further than this thread, also from reddit.:http://www.reddit.com/r/opieandantho…

As I said, this doesn't account for all the trolling - it has been going on long before Cumia was fired, as you all well know. However, this weekend the trolls seemed particularly vicious, so much so that I felt the need to comment on it once before. I do think O&A fans are helping to poison the atmosphere and the effect is palpable— it is what they do.

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