...what articles were going to be cross-posted at Jezebel. Jeezus H. Fucksticks, everything is a goddamn gender war to these people and it is absolutely ridiculous at times.

No sense of humor. No ability to laugh at something very obvious. If the world were like Jezebel nobody would be able to make a joke about anything for fear of instant condemnation. It is stultifying, suffocating way to go about things.

It's extremely offensive to be labeled a misogynist when all you are saying, in an obviously humorous way, is that many young women are going to be very disappointed that the new Doctor isn't young and hot. Could there be any more obvious an observation we could make about this situation?

But, because I dared to comment on this very simple phenomenon of teen girls and young twenty-something women preferring hot young guys over old crusty ones I must hate women...oh, and let's not forget I am an ageist as well.

Dismiss button. I do have a dismiss button. OK. I feel empowered again.