So I'm big into rock music, of all types, and I heard this one song over the weekend on the radio and again just now. It's called "Come With Me Now" by Kongos.

Here's the thing, give that a listen. Is that really rock music? I looked up the band and they're a South African rock band, but does that sound like rock to you?

No lie, the first time I heard it I thought someone had been in my truck (since multiple people use it when it's parked at home) and I thought someone had left it on the country station.

"But, bangishotyou, how would you know that was a possibility if you don't listen to country music?"

Firstly, I grew up listening to said local country station cause of my mom's side of the fam, with the exception of one hardcore metalhead uncle on said side of the family. (My dad's side was all rock and roll.) Secondly, lady friend. Ridiculous country fan and I get weekly list of "songs you have to get me". (Speaking of, I've got a list I should be working on.) Thirdly, listen to it. Then go listen to some "mainstream" country music. I REST MY CASE!


Most country music nowadays is made by what I would dub as third rate rock stars. They have the look of rock bands, they present themselves as rock stars most of the time and then they play their tunes and it's basically rock music. And then there's the fans. Real "don't rock the jukebox" types, who wouldn't be caught dead listening to most rock music. Yes, I had to work in an Alan Jackson bit. I told you my relatives made me listen to that as a kid! Don't judge me! Sheesh! I mean, come on! "How many of you that sit and judge me ever walk the streets of Bakersfield?"

I really couldn't resist working in a Dwight Yoakam song. That is acceptable country music to me.


Seriously, is that rock? Or would you dub that modern country music? I can't tell and that freaks me out. Recently our "main" rock station has been playing some off the wall stuff. Not weird stuff, but stuff that the local "soft rock" and "hits" station plays. I had a discussion with a friend when we caught a number of "why the fuck is this playing on this station" songs in a row the other day and we couldn't figure out why. The "oldies" station plays more modern and recent rock than the main rock station.

I need thoughts, people! So give me your two cents. If only to agree and say I'm not going crazy. Because that isn't rock to me! Or to say you disagree and I am crazy. But seriously, wtf is that?