We have a really big tree in our backyard. It's where I put Ein's Doghouse and he loves laying under it on nice days (not that we have too many of those left this year). And now I want to build a treehouse in it.

Not for me, obviously, but I have a little sister who'll be here sometime in December. Liz has been chastising me about the fact that I've already bought her tons of things she won't be able to use for years, and a treehouse definitively falls under that category.

Do children even like treehouses any more? I remember when I was a kid I always wanted one, but we didn't have any big trees to build one in. Maybe it's a little bit for me?

I have very few carpentry skills. The only stuff I know is what I learned from my dad (basically yelling and screaming a lot). If I try to do this, I know I'm going to get angry and most likely hurt myself. I can just see me falling and breaking something, it's totally something that WILL happen if I attempt this. And yet I've been looking at treehouse building websites for the last hour.

I need help.

....Says the guy already seeing a psychiatrist.