I've never had a tier which included BBC America, so my only exposure to Doctor Who has been the old reruns on PBS in the 70s, the clips on io9 and a couple of occasional episodes I've accessed while paying for TunnelBear.

The workstation in my home office is comprised of three computers, one of which I use primarily to monitor blogs and stream live news events during the daytime, while at night I've gotten into the habit of letting entertainment programming play on that machine. Usually this isn't a problem. Of course there have always been some shows which demand attention, but the vast majority of what I stream at night is crap to some degree, so there's not often a big conflict between it and doing actual work.

Because I considered the video store owner in my previous town a friend and because we don't really watch that many movies, I had put off signing up for Netflix until this summer, when both of my kids would be able to watch it on their computers, their Nooks or via the set-top box we got for HuluPlus because during summer vacation, there's a lot of time for them to fill. Also, the Arrested Development reboot was another motivating factor, as far as I was concerned, especially since it coincided with the end of school.

When I finished AD, my next stop was the six season package of the most recent Doctors and now that I'm in the third season, I can say without fear of contradiction that streaming Doctor Who isn't the least bit conducive to doing work. Whenever I've gotten anything done during TV time over the past week or so, it was was because I made a conscious effort to try or to pause and about the only thing that has worked is to take a break and stream something else because the Doctor has put me under some kind of spell.

I should have known that the Doctor was a good show, but until I started non-stop streaming, I had no idea that even though it's a bunch of mumbo-jumbo with monsters of the week, it would capture me so and cause me to revise timetables in regards to work.


Please consider this fair warning for anyone else.