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I Still Think Jessica Jones and the B in Apartment 23 are the Same Person

I theorized about this back before Jessica Jones premiered on Netflix. While watching The Defenders I had a thought that changed my theory. Before I thought that Jessica Jones was Chloe’s alter-ego but it makes much more sense that Chloe is an alternate personality of Jessica Jones.


While I won’t drop any spoilers for Jessica Jones or The Defenders, I will use a couple of big ones from Mr. Robot (if you’ve watched the show you can probably guess where I’m going).

Given everything that Jessica Jones has gone through it’s not too much of a stretch to figure that she took a break from reality for a while. Her mind created an alter ego named Chloe who locked Jessica in the attic (with a case each of Twinkies and whiskey since Chloe isn’t a total monster).

If you’re not familiar with Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 (the source of the popular gif above) here’s a taste.

Chloe (last name unknown) seems much different from Jessica Jones at first. She is a party girl/con artist who lives in a nice apartment in New York City without having an actual job. Her fashion sense includes make-up, jewelry, and colors other than gray, black, and denim blue (though black is still a signature color).


But some aspects of Jessica Jones still come through. They both have some dark history and damage under the surface. Chloe shares Jessica’s little problem with alcohol (though she prefers vodka) and has a similar snarky irreverent outlook on life. Despite being a party girl, Chloe also has few people she would consider friends. One of those few friends is a young blonde woman who may Chloe’s version of Trish.

Most likely Chloe’s life as shown in Don’t Trust the B in Apartment 23 occurred completely in Jessica’s head as dreams or daydreams and no one else knows about it.


Or maybe she had a complete break and assumed the Chloe persona in the real world with Jessica having long stretches of missing time sort of like Elliot Alderson before he became aware of the Mr Robot persona. Which would mean either she really has a second apartment somewhere in the city where she lives as Chloe or similar to Elliot Alderson during his prison stint she is interpreting her experiences in the world to fit Chloe’s version of reality, which would be really confusing to everyone around her who assumes they’re talking to Jessica Jones. And that could be another reason why Trish checks in with Jessica regularly - to see if Chloe has returned.

In any case one big question still remains. What is the status of James Van Der Beek in the MCU?

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