The spectre of Spidey 3 is strong with this one.

I liked The Amazing Spider-Man probably a lot more than most people (and probably a little more than I should), and the new trailer for the sequel is actually really enjoyable - Andrew Garfield continues to be a brilliant and hilariously sarky Spidey, I love the revised suit, the action and swinging around looks really fun - but the more I see of the story, the more I'm starting to worry about it.


The set up for Electro seems interesting enough, but there's just so much going on around it, with the introduction of Harry and the Green Goblin, the idea that there are already elements of things like the Sinister Six happening with all the talk of 'Enemies Unite', the whole 'Peter's manufactured destiny/Secret Agent Parents' stuff that was (rightfully, in my opinion) cut from the first film... it feels like there's too much for this movie, that it's just going to collapse under the weight of all the things it wants to do, and end up doing none of them the justice they'd deserve. Almost like Sony are worrying that they could have to give Spider-Man back over to Marvel soon so they just want to shove as many ideas out as quickly as possible, even if it'd make for a worse movie.

I really hope I'm wrong though, as I really like this interpretation of Spider-Man and I don't want to see it falter this soon. What do you guys think?