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Man I was loving how the back half of this season was filled with urgency, paranoia, and just nervousness as the new baddies came around. But tonight's final moments had me cringing a bit. [SPOILERS]

So I have been loving the later half of the season as Vigilance and Decima have been closing in on the Machine and its assets. The last episode was fucking fantastic in showing what happens when on you are on the other side of an AI's observation, by showing how our protagonists dealt with Samaritan being online for 24 hours. Then this episode blinded the Machine again with Vigilance causing a blackout to kidnap Control, the Senator that's helping Greer, and the president's advisor. Leaving Shaw and Reese with nothing, but Hersch who Root says can help them find Control which has now become priority because Vigilance has Finch as well.


So Vigilance goes through all of this to hold a trial. A trial of the US Government. This just ruined the entire episode for me. It made Collier seem like an idiot, and somehow made him even more annoying. And raises the question as to what the hell do they hope to accomplish. The last few episodes have played with the idea that people want to be protected from the bad things in the world they just don't want to know how. But even then with the reveal of Northern Lights has anything politically changed in the POI universe? The same people are still in power, sure there are protests but thats all. Peter states that his is a revolution. He is starting a revolution by trying the leader of the black budget, a senator, a president's advisor, and a CEO. Ok that makes no sense.

Ugh, I want to give the show the benefit of the doubt but seeing that stupid live lettering on that screen just made me want to throw something. I guess Greer knew that Vigilance was coming because he had that TV prepped and told the senator as much. That is probably what is keeping me from completely hating the end, the possibility that Greer had planned this to a degree. I don't know what did you guys think?

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