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I know the casting is long since not news to anyone here, but the non-spoiler descriptions of Prince Oberyn's character is brilliant:

Without giving too much away to those who haven’t read the books, Oberyn is a man. He breathes and is ambulatory. His turn-ons include living, existing, and not being brutally killed. He also bears the nickname “The Red Viper,” an allusion to a species of snake that’s famous for being alive.


Sheesh, you'd think they'd just watched SPOILERS…

…two characters they've grown attached to over 2.8 seasons of television get betrayed, brutally murdered, and had their corpses desecrated all while a young girl, estranged from her family, has no choice but to watch helplessly. Oh, wait…

Also, check through the comments for those directed at the user HBO_CEO_of_tits, because they're brilliant, especially by internet comment standards.

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