Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I’ve made an awesome mistake!

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Yeah, i’m deep into post-purchase regret. :p

You may or may not have heard my mutterings about buying a new PC recently. Well, my birthday just came and went and whilst at my age it was the usual combination of cheer and depression... i also just found my big holiday plans for christmas/new year collapsing into dust.


So on one hand, sadtimes and no holiday in the arctic circle. but on the other...

...well, lets just say I decided upon some retail therapy. I took a wad of that holiday money and added it to my other savings. Put my order in for my new PC and finally decided, upon much wiff-waffing, to go with the fairly overpowered £900+ Titan X graphics card. Total PC cost: Horrifically expensive. I’m a terrible person. But a terrible person with the baddest-ass PC on the block.


Remote welsh villages, fear my power consumption! GTA V and Just Cause 3, bow before my framerates!

I am going to take great delight in installing all my new games and ramming their graphics settings to their highest.


Right now, well i’m feeling the (budgeted!) financial loss. In two weeks though...


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