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WARNING THE TRUTH IS IN THE REPLIES! There will be spoilers so beware.

Its been seven years since we last saw our favorite FBI agents sailing away towards some unidentified island at the end of the second X-Files movie. And tonight the first in a six part revival brings Mulder and Scully back to search for the truth.


Most critics have seen the first half of the series, and well most are not kind to the first episode that is airing tonight. However, like the old series it does get better with almost all agreeing that the third episode written by fan favorite Darin Morgan is just like the classic show. I went on record on the main page that I wouldn’t watch the revival because Chris Carter broke up Mulder and Sully, but god dammit after seeing some of the promo materials and interviews with both Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny I have to give this a shot. Like the title says I want to believe this miniseries will end up being good.

It still feels weird that this show is now over two decades old. Anyway post your reactions, thoughts, etc. etc. below.

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