Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I Was Questioned By The Police

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Here's an excerpt of his jaunt to Starbucks:

So, I’m at said Starbucks working up one of my teddy bears, roughly 8am, figured I was safe, not too many people running in and out. And as I’m working on row 10 of the body of the bear, I see three sets of Orange County Sheriffs officer’s legs approach.

I hear the clearing of a voice, “ahem….What are you doing?”

I look up and see them staring at me strangely. A trio of enormously inquisitive men in their early 30′s pulling up their belts, propping themselves in that “stance.” Authoritative, broad, forceful.


What's the last thing you got busted for doing where people couldn't believe...YOU would do...that...?

For me, it was the pear-apple pie I brought into work on Wednesday. I tried to drop the glycemic index as much as I can. Whole wheat crust is just a gesture, but the cane sugar was replaced by coconut palm sugar, so especially if you ate it with a chunk of cheese, it's not *bad*. It's not good, but I didn't have any sudden blood sugar swings or anything.


But apparently I'm not the chick who makes pies from scratch and brings them in for co-workers. My cubemate was understanding—we talk food all the time, and I've told him about my adventures in low glycemic loading. We're on a wavelength. To many of the rest I'm the odd chick they don't have the words to describe (geek would be misleading, since IT, and they don't know the word "fannish" or how deeply it is applicable) that's neither fish nor fowl, Jamaican nor American, and I'm also learning—neither black nor white (I forget with no hair some people leap to the conclusion of mixed). So, pie! Pie was weird.

But the pie was tasty! And reasonably healthy, as part of a balanced diet! What expectation did you defy? What did you unknowingly set up and then knock down, or what did society set up for you and you just walked right through because society was overstepping its bounds in the first place?

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