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I was Science!'d today!

Today my girlfriend and I participated in scientific research for the betterment of Humanity! Well athletes really.

The Cutie getting ready for Science!

We volunteered for a study for a group developing a new way to test lactate threshold.

A person's anaerobic threshold or the point where the lactic acid builds in the muscles due to the body's inability to process it. Runners can delay the onset of their lactate threshold through proper training and, as a result, improve their endurance and speed.


Traditional testing of an athlete's LT involves going to a sports medicine facility, running on a treadmill and getting small blood samples at different paces to find what pace you reach your Lactate Threshold. It generally costs about $200 and you want to test a few times a year.

The research we went to help with was for the development of a non-invasive portable testing system that you wear like a heart rate monitor while you train. You wear it around your calf and it measures oxygen in your muscles using Infrared Spectroscopy. So real time data while you train!

The testing involved the usual testing method while also wearing a prototype version of the device to compare data. My finger is really sore from being pricked every 3 minutes. I tried to take a little bit of a video of Cutie's test without getting in the way.

It was a good day! Get free test results in a couple of weeks and I am excited for the new tech. Just thought I would share.

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