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Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I Went to See World War Z. Don't Judge.

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I received a text from a housemate saying that a group was going to see WWZ, and did I want to come along? In text, I politely declined. When I got home I quickly succumbed to peer pressure and $6 Tuesday tix at the Bow Tie. I left my preconceptions in the car and settled in for the movie.


I was quite entertained.

It wasn't Max Brooks' World War Z, but it was an enjoyable action thriller. I will freely admit I'm not a fan of horror movies in general or zombie flicks specifically: I'm something of a wimp and don't find much fun in getting the bejeezus scared out of me, or from watching undead lunch on the entrails of the once-living. Thankfully, there is little of either in WWZ.


I thought the film portrayed the chaos of the zombie hordes very effectively. I think Jerry Lane's quest was believable, and for the most part, his actions made sense in any given situation. The infectious disease solution was novel and unexpected but worked for me. The film felt well-paced and edited.

If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, or if you're holding out for a faithful adaptation of the novel, you're likely to be disappointed. If you can set aside your preconceptions and not pay full price for a ticket, you might find an entertaining popcorn-muncher.

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