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I just noticed Gawker/Kinja is letting people personalise their blogs with custom image headers! Well, I get a kick out of doing this kinda thing; I made forum sigs and banners all the time back when I slummed it in various hives of scum and villainy...

Basically, just post here... (can you PM on kinja? I though you could...):

1. The title/words you want in your header.

2. A particular image if you've got it; an idea of what you might like if you haven't...


3. At least 48 hours before you start posting bounties for my head!

That's it; no fuss, no muss and absolutely no compensation! I do this for my own shits and giggles (i'm not employed by i09 or anything that awesome) and I simply aim to please (whilst staying in the realms of good taste! so no NSFW stuff if you please.)

Happy Endings guaranteed! :p

also, previous work...


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