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Ice Cream Maker Crafts 35ft animated Straw Dalek

Illustration for article titled Ice Cream Maker Crafts 35ft animated Straw Dalek

It's headlines like these that you live for sometimes.

Snugbury's Famous Ice Cream, a farm and dairy based in the West Midlands, has been crafting giant straw sculptures to sit alongside its site on the Chester Road for over a decade - and they've done everything from Big Ben to the Lovell Telescope. This year's undertaking is a bit more extreme though, with 700 hours of work required to work 5 tons of steel wireframes and another 6 tons of straw into the shape of a mahoosive Dalek. It even has moving parts and speaks!

The decision to make a Dalek for the annual sculpture was spurred by public celebrations to celebrate the show's 50th Anniversary last year. Snugbury's also sold a special 'Dalick' Ice Cream over the summer to raise £3000 for Cancer Research UK.


It's not the first time there's been Doctor Who related shenanigans in a field lately - last year the York Maze literally carved Matt Smith's face into a field.

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