Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
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I'd Rather Have An Ice Cream Headache

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You guys, the saudade is strong with this one, and I'm hating it.

I just realized that I've accidentally read 1,600 pages in the last two days. Like, since Thursday night.


I know it sounds dumb to say I did it accidentally—clearly, no one went all Ludovico technique on me or forced me to keep mainlining downloading titles, but this Really Was An Accident.

I picked up a book late Thursday afternoon that I bought at an airport somewhere sometime, and was re-reading it when I began to see that I didn't know how the Big Bad got defeated. Clearly, I'd never finished the trilogy. . . so I downloaded the other two (can't stand to leave a series unfinished). Easy peasy. They're couple hour reads. And then yesterday CJA was talking about Kushiel's Dart, and I had literally just finished my series, and wanted to stave off withdrawals. . .


And that's how I looked up and it's 11:30 on Saturday night and I'm not entirely sure what's happened the last couple of days.

Can we talk about how I'm not happy with the terms we have for Book Withdrawal? "Hangover" is too tawdry, "saudade" too difficult to write . . . I might be willing to adopt "hiraeth", if I had the slightest ability to pronounce Welsh, which I emphatically do not. Finnish has "kaiho", which is oddly endearing, but sounds like a Boy Scout marching song.


Bah. Now I have to decide if I'm going to download Kushiel #2 and just declare this a lost weekend.

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