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Idea: Counter-recaps

Seeing as how Rob's recaps are seen as biased or overly nit-picky, what do you guys think about this:

When there's a recap posted by one of the writers, if another writer watches the show and has a different view on the episode/show, she can once in a while post a counter recap, or a general polemic on the show up until that point.

I, for one would love to read something longer than an occasional comment, for example, about what CJA thinks about Arrow, and, as a potential view from the other side, see what Rob would do with an episode of SHIELD or Sleepy Hollow (even though I love Genevieve's work).


I'm not saying it should be a regular thing. I just don't think that everyone agrees with everyone else's reviews/recaps, and presenting another viewpoint would open new avenues of discussion.

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