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Todd McFarlane wants to do a Spawn movie in which the title character would not be like the one in the comics. If he gets his wish Spawn would be something completely different.


McFarlane is the creator of one of the most enduring characters from Image Comics since the publication’s inception. Spawn is Al Simmons, betrayed by the CIA and his best friend, his soul is sent to hell and there he meets a demon named Malebolgia who makes a deal allowing him to go back to the living to see his wife, but of course, this comes with a price and Simmons becomes Spawn.

McFarlane worked as writer/artist and did a good job. He knew who his character was and where to take him. To this day its still going with #261 out Feb. 24. His co-writes and draws the book along with Erik Larsen.

What I’m getting at is he understood his own creation.

Which brings me to the plan for a Spawn movie today. McFarlane wants to make a feature only its not going to be anything remotely similar to the comic book:




Mother of all creatures big and small! Why do you want to turn Spawn into Samara from The Ring? Here’s an idea: In the next Batman movie Bruce Wayne will be a regular detective in the LAPD who works late night cases, and instead of the costume, he wears a pin of a bat on his lapel. And all the force nick-named him Batman. Great idea, right?

With the success of GotG featuring characters like Groot and Rocket Racoon and now Deadpool is a hit, doesn’t McFarlane realize this is the time to make a movie straight from its source material?


Spawn (1997) was a barely decent adaptation, yet true to the comic. And made on a modest budget, it had a modest success. Couldn’t a similar level of financing be worked out again? And special effects are far superior now, so there’s that.


Ultimately, if I’m reading this correctly, he will turn Spawn into something else entirely in order to be able to direct the movie?

Can somebody explain this to me because I don’t get it...

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