Per the recent decoupling between blogs, some pertinent GIFs.

[Edit: As noted by the Observation Deck mods, io9 will still be linking to the ODeck on a daily basis as part of their tip submission blurb.]


I know your leavin’s too long over due / For far too long I’ve had nothing new to show to you / Goodbye dry eyes I watched your plane fade off west of the moon / It felt so strange to walk away alone

“No Regrets” — Luna

(I don’t mean to be overly dramatic about this — at the end of the day it means one extra bookmark in my browser.)


[Edit: Friday night updates]

My muscle memory for the mouse is used to going to the left, but I’m practicing right-side action to pull up the ODeck (i.e., very little has changed, we just shift to the right now).


And here’s the actual Luna music (dunno why I didn’t just add it the first time around):