Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

So, like I said in this post, I've just come back from 12 Years a Slave. Knowing how Armond White likes to go against the majority for every big films, and knowing how he is never shy to call someone a racist, I immediately went to see what were his thoughts on 12 Years a Slave. And oh boy was I beyond content. Here some choice quotes:

"Depicting slavery as a horror show, McQueen has made the most unpleasant American movie since William Friedkin's1973 The Exorcist. That's right, 12 Years a Slave belongs to the torture porn genre with Hostel, The Human Centipede and the Saw franchise but it is being sold (and mistaken) as part of the recent spate of movies that pretend "a conversation about race." The only conversation this film inspires would contain howls of discomfort. "

"Because 12 Years of Slave is such a repugnant experience, a sensible viewer might be reasonably suspicious about many of the atrocities shown–or at least scoff at the one-sided masochism: Northup talks about survival but he has no spiritual resource or political drive–the means typically revealed when slave narratives are usually recounted."

"It proves the ahistorical ignorance of this era that 12 Years a Slave's constant misery is excused as an acceptable version of the slave experience. McQueen, Ridley and Gates' cast of existential victims won't do. Northup-renamed-Platt and especially the weeping mother Liza (Adepero Oduye) and multiply-abused Patsey (Lupita Nyong'o), are human whipping posts–beaten, humiliated, raped for our delectation just like [ artist Damien] Hirst's cut-up equine. Hirst knew his culture: Some will no doubt take comfort from McQueen's inherently warped, dishonest, insensitive fiction."

"This film has become a new, easy reproof to Holocaust deniers."

"The finite numeral in the title of 12 Years a Slave compliments the fallacy that we look back from a post-racial age, that all is in ascent. But 12 Years a Slave is ultimate proof that Hollywood's respect for Black humanity is in absurd, patronizing, Oscar-winning decline.

Steve McQueen's post-racial art games and taste for cruelty play into cultural chaos. The story in 12 Years a Slave didn't need to be filmed this way and I wish I never saw it."


I especially like he doesn't mention that this movie is based on an autobiography of the same title. Could it be that the great, all-knowing Armond White ignored that this movie was 98% facts?

I also like how he decries the movie for its brutality and inhumanity - wake up Armond, slavery WAS brutal and inhumane!


Ah, Armond White, you professional troll. I don't think nobody ever so well mastered a thesaurus or the art of condescension just like you.

(Here is the full text: http://www.nyfcc.com/2013/10/3450/)

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