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If You Are Looking For Something To Watch ...

(Some unrelated content offered on the very off chance anyone really needs any more to devour or are just looking for something to pass the time.)

Every Monday this month the Turner Classic Movie channel are running films starring the great Sir Christopher Lee. Tonight at 1:30 AM they are showing Nothing But the Night from 1972 with Sir Christopher and Peter Cushing. Based on the novel of the same name from John Blackburn’s (espionage and occult) Charles Kirk series, it involves reincarnation, a secret cabal, science mixing with the supernatural, basically all the good stuff. Honestly from what I remember not the greatest occult mystery movie but well worth a one-time viewing. It is followed at 3:15 AM with Scream and Scream Again (1970) which is a movie I have never been able to understand, but is in a way fun to watch.


(The films tonight actually start off at 6:45 EST with Alias John Preston from 1955, then three - I assume the first three not directed by Jess Franco - from the Fu Manchu series.)

Also Hulu has a new series starting called Freakish. Nothing groundbreaking so far - usual assortment of high school kids, trapped of course, a mysterious cloud of gas, people turning into bloodthirsty, well, freaks - but if you want to watch the first couple of episodes you can go to their tumbler page - freakishonhulu.tumbler.com - and watch for free (other than Hulu ads), no subscription required.

Finally, offered as a curiosity not a recommendation, there is a show called Stranger Things. No, not that Stranger Things, an earlier Stranger Things. I was searching for something completely unrelated and came across an anthology webseries from 2007 called Stranger Things with stories by Scott Sigler, Gary Braunbeck, and others. The website is StrangerThings.tv . Again, not a recommendation, just if you are curious.

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