Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

If You Could Ask Fictional Characters One Question, What Would It Be?

Imagine you went to a convention where you could meet up with any fictional characters you desired? Either heroes like Wolverine, Goku or Sherlock Holmes. Villains like Morgoth, Dr Doom or Dracula. Even characters from mythology like Beowulf, Noah and Lilith.

However, there is a catch! You can only ask them one question (and no, you can't ask them for more questions). One question and they leave and meet someone else who wants to see them. What would you ask them, what is it that you always wanted to know from your favourite characters. Is it as simple as just asking them for an autograph or a picture? Is it about what motivates them? Or is it just telling them how much they inspired you.


For me:

Batman = "Sorry, what is your name again?"

Squirrel Girl = "Why is it that you only associate yourself with grey squirrels and not the endangered red squirrels?"


Gendo Ikari = "What was the logic behind abandoning your son given that he was going to be the only one who could truly synch with Eva Unit-01 and your wife told you to look after."

Cassandra Cain = "I just want to say, you were a great inspiration to me when I was young and you were all ways my favourite superhero."

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