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"If You Could Ban a Word, What Would it Be?"

So this podcast I've started listening to, Sword & Laser (SF/F news and interviews), has two "Super Questions" that they ask every author they interview on the show. One of the questions is the thread title- "if you could ban a word, what would it be?" I thought it would be fun to ask this to all of you, particularly because I know my answer.


So the whole "Nice Guy" thing is bad enough by itself, but the word "nice" isn't any better. It's pretty much the first adjective that springs to mind when describing anything that is "good" or "not bad." Merriam-Webster lists 7 different meanings of the adjective "nice," all of them very different from each other.


It means way too many things at the same time. It's by far the laziest adjective in the English language. I won't get irrationally angry at anyone who uses "nice," particularly since everyone is using it all the goddamn time. But come on people, there are better adjectives out there.

So what about you? Which word would you exorcise from the dictionary if given the chance?

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