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If you could belong to an alien race from scifi, which one would it be?

The ability of the human mind to create fantastic beings through the power of imagination is amazing. Throughout history, every culture has invented myths, legends, gods, and monsters to call their own. These days, much of that imagination is used on creating new worlds and new beings in science fiction. And often times, we find ourselves drawn to these wondrous creations.

What prompted this thought? I was rewatching Star Trek: The Next Generation all week, and I just got to “The Host” last night, which featured an alien race known the Trill. The name actually refers to two distinct species of sentient beings that share a symbiotic existence. The humanoid species provides the body as the host. The symbiont species provides the knowledge and the skill of the previous hosts. By joining, the two meld their personalities together to become a single being. It’s not like the Goa’uld race from the Stargate franchise, for example, in which a person’s body is shared with two distinct minds; a joined Trill has one mind.


To me, being a joined Trill sounds like it would be wonderful. Not only would you be able to draw from generations of life experiences to help you navigate your own life, your own experiences and memories would live on through the symbiont even after your body died. Of course, as a human, I have to rely on Facebook and blogs for posterity.

What about you, Odeck? If you weren’t human, what alien race would you like to be?

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