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If you ever wondered about the production of Super Mario Bros. The Movie, check out the amazingSuper Mario Bros. The Movie Archive” website.

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For every single minutia and detail about the Super Mario Bros. movie, you have to go to this website: Super Mario Bros. The Movie Archive


The person who started it in 2007, through sheer determination and utter love for the film, ended up creating a 12 year project researching, interviewing, and digging up anything and everything you would want to know (or didn’t know you wanted to know) about it. Ultimately, this culminated in a very unusual situation where a fan ended up being a champion of this forgotten gem, getting all possible footage, mostly lost to time and random places around the world, with the dream being a high definition Blu-ray release of the movie. And it worked:

“Trust the Fungus.”

The silly—yet remarkably deep—catchphrase that lies at the heart of the Super Mario Bros. film has echoed in my head ever since I started this website back in 2007. The primary goal of all the research, interviews, articles, and screenings was to get people thinking and talking about the film again. To help cement its cult classic status in the minds of geeks everywhere. And in doing that, Steven and I really—really—wanted the film to get a proper high-definition release so we can all enjoy Super Mario Bros. the way it was meant to be seen.

On November 3rd, 2014, those lofty dreams become reality when Super Mario Bros. releases on Blu-Ray, courtesy of UK distributor Second Sight.


(Unfortunately, it is region locked, and it may be difficult to find a copy but if you do, you are very lucky. For those of us who can’t watch it, here’s a link that reviews the delicious looking and sounding Blu-ray versionthat is the superior version on every level to all other, earlier VHS, DVD, and television cuts.)

At the website you can find interviews with almost everybody involved in the making of the movie, and the entire production history is absolutely fascinating. Did you ever wonder if Bob Hoskins and John Leguizamo enjoyed making it? Bob Hoskins absolutely fucking hated the experience. So did Leguizamo. They stayed drunk throughout most of the process. There were two directors, a husband and wife team. Hoskins’ son recounted what his father told him:

Like he said about the directors, it had a husband-and-wife directing team ‘whose arrogance had been mistaken for talent.’ From my observation, he’d just might be right. I’ve heard their agents told them to leave the set after they got fired.”


That’s just a taste of behind the scenes information. I recommend that you start here, just scroll way down, and pick a place, starting early chronologically, and just start reading. It’s a wild ride.

Here’s one fun video from the top of their website:

There’s even a John Leguizamo 20th anniversary video to watch:

Anyway, that is one rabbit hole sewer pipe that you can fall down into and learn everything there is to know, quite literally, about the entire production process and so much more. Check it out for yourselves. I highly recommend it.


Because the question “Why didn’t Nintendo make an animated movie instead of live action movie” is often raised, here’s an answer; in 1986 there was an animated Super Mario Bros. movie. YMMV, but as CPM pointed out over at io9 in his article on this topic, what the hell else is there to do right now? There are multiple dubbed and subbed versions of it, so there’s no “wrong” one to watch this strange and rare artifact:

Here are a few other links from Kotaku and The Guardian:

Dennis Hopper Sounded Like Fun On the Mario Movie Set

‘The stench of it stays with everybody’: inside the Super Mario Bros movie

Have fun exploring! Let’s go!

(This started as a comment over at io9, but I ended up with 500 words and a lot of citations, so I’m putting this up on the Observation Deck for fun. I hope you enjoy it.)


[Edited for clarity about the Blu-ray release being region locked as I don’t want people to get their hopes up for a released version that they will not be able to watch.]

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