Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

You may have set in motion a cosmic apocalypse of unimaginable scale!!!!

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Multiversity #1 is about as meta as a comic book can get without the creators crawling out of the comic and planting the story directly in your brain. It features the return of characters not seen since Grant Morrison's Final Crisis as they try to find and stop the threat seeking to corrupt the Orrery of Worlds, which holds the DC Multiverse. I think.


Multiversity #1 is really in line with what Morrison did with Final Crisis, dealing with the nature of stories starring the DCU as a living organism. It's a weird book with the multiverse summoning President Superman, Captain Carrot, Aquawoman, Dino Cop, and the Thunderer to battle a threat beyond even the gods. It gets even crazier and more meta as the story progresses, setting up a showdown on a world filled with heroes that look eerily like another popular group of heroes, in this multiverse published by Major Comics.

If you didn't like Final Crisis, I doubt this will do much for you, even though I think the body of the series will be a different matter as this issue seems to set up different fronts in the war to save the multiverse. But for people like me, this is a trippy ride through the DCU and I can't wait to see the other worlds of the multiverse and what exactly in the hell are the Gentry. There was no comic I was more looking forward to and Morrison and crew did not disappoint.

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