Short one. Minor spoilers......

The character building is excellent - so is the team building that it leads top. And the unavoidable schisms in the team. You can already see where it’s going to tear apart in the theoretical case that a Civil War should ever break out...

Science buddies got competition from a new faction - Super powered Übermensch bros. Which totally makes sense - the chemistry between Cap and Thor is great.


Hawkeye!!! Who would have thought?

It was a little - just a tiny little bit - confusing in the second act. Lots and lots of plot lines and characters.... I heard Whedon had to cut it shorter and it shows a little. But that’s complaining on a very high level.


Spader - is amazing. So is the Special FX team, it’s hard to tell how much of the credits of Ultron being so much Spader goes to he actor and how much to the team, but it worked. Flawlessly.

Such cool. So much snark. Head tilt!


Everything about Vision makes sense - yes he needs a cape! (Well - not need, but there’s a pretty great reason why he wears it anyway.) And damn, it makes you wonder if they had plans with casting Paul Bettany as a Jarvis from the very start, because I’m willing to believe it was all part of a long term plan! (and that one thing he does... he’s not an elevator, for sure! :) )

And there we are. New team members.... old ones getting ready to retire.... We may see them all back once more, because.... someone wants to do things himself, at last, but the future seems safe!


Oh - and has Stan Lee - actually ever said his catchphrase in one of these cameos before? :) That was about bloody time.