If you were a kid in the 70s you will remember that TV shows did lots of crossover episodes with characters from one show popping up on another and the whole storyline playing out across both shows and sometimes even across networks. With the exception of some shared universe spinoff series they don't seem to do that much anymore. Your challenge today is to come up the most awful TV crossover episodes you can think of. I'll even let you do crossovers across the space-time continuum. You want to see Barney Miller transferred to be the commander of the Special Victims Unit on Law & Order? Go for it. (Although I think Barney would certainly have the compassion required for the job.)

My idea: This week on The Vampire Diaries — Sam and Dean Winchester kill everybody.

*Hat tip to Mike the Bard who posted a very similar suggestion overnight in last week's Creative Challenge which I honestly didn't see before coming up with the idea. Great minds, yada, yada, yada.