Rather than jump right into things let me rewind a bit and get two things out of the way. First off for those who don’t recognize me I’m bangishotyou, noted ferret and Android fanboy around these parts. Secondly, the story for how I came to discover this wonderful comic is courtesy of modern day criminals.

While searching for work I had the misfortune of being required to provide my information to the Texas Workforce Commission, who in turn put it online and make it readily available for employers to review. In the process an unscrupulous individual was able to get my basic contact info and contact me via phone for a job, in no way was it a job my resume showed me as qualified for but it was in a related field to work I had done up to that point and I was intrigued. However, within a few days of being contacted this tentative job offer became too good to be true and I knew a scam was in the works. As the days went on I realized by keeping the scammer on the hook and focused on me I’d be sparing someone naive from being swindled. I let the scammers thing they had me on the hook and after a week their “payoff” occurred via sending me a “check” that I kid you not was printed on plain white paper, not even a proper check, and this was made all the worse due to having come from the official accountant for a “major corporation”.

I burst out laughing the day that “check” arrived and I immediately took to twitter and lamented just how far criminals have fallen. “Make crime great again!” I tweeted. (If you know my family background you’ll know why I lament the lack of effort and passion in their work of today’s criminals.)

It was at this point that our very own Wenchette turned me on to an intriguing comic called The Fix by Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber. She gave me no information to go on beyond “’Make crime great again’ is basically what The Fix is about. Plus it’s Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber.” I was sold on checking it out and picked up a digital copy that very same day. I have been hooked since.

Rather than jump right in to why you should be reading this I’d like to give you a taste of what you’re in for.



This is but a small taste of what you’re in for. There’s cussing, there’s drug use, there’s not quite celebrity sex scandal coverage, and there is a rather shocking amount of casual violence.

But my goodness are there laughs. There are so many moments where you won’t be able to help yourself and will literally laugh out loud due to something happening on the page. I personally had to stop reading at least twice per issue because I’d reached a panel that had me laughing so hard I had to take a break to catch my breath, that’s not counting all the random smirking and chuckles the rest of any given issue got out of me.

But the true beauty of this series I feel is the fact that this covers the day to day grind of your average criminal. This isn’t about the guys who sit somewhere and siphon your account logins and passwords and go on a spending spree or transfer your cash. This isn’t about the guys who plan a precision bank robbery which will be discussed on the news and investigated for months on end. This is entirely about the guys who are barely above knocking off 7/11's because it’s the only life they’ve known and they’re far too set in their ways to change or try anything else.


There is one catch though and it only adds to the hilarity of the entire thing, these guys aren’t just criminals because they are also cops.

Without spoiling things for you that’s really all I can say. I can say this though and that’s that even people with a surprising amount of power can get in over their head and more so when they take more of a grasshopper than the ant approach to life and consequences. “Let’s worry about tomorrow tomorrow and have as much fun as we can today, y’know?”

As for the characters themselves, let’s take a gander at some of the players in our story.


There’s Roy.

Image courtesy of Wenchette, who embroidered this based on a drawing Steve Lieber gave her. It now holds a place of honor in his office easily viewed from his desk.

There’s Brundo, Roy’s partner, who is truly a team player.


There’s Donovan, a movie producer and friend of the guys.

There’s Josh, the villain of the story.


And last but not least...


If you’re tired of superheroes, if you appreciate the writing of Nick Spencer and the art of Steve Lieber, or hell if you just want to get outside whatever your usual comic book comfort zone is you can certainly do a lot worse than read The Fix.

Although I personally would argue you can’t do much better than reading this series, or at least what’s currently available of it thus far.

I highly recommend this series, not the least reason for which is the guys behind it are amazing and I can even prove it.


A Steve Liber original. Yes, that is a ferret. I’ve bugged him about them on Twitter before and today that came in the mail along with my comics.

Honestly, what are you still doing here? Go read The Fix already, you won’t regret it and you can thank me for turning it onto it later. Although, technically, you should be thanking Wenchette. Heck, you likely will as soon as the next issue is released. I know I certainly do.

And if by chance Steve Lieber sees this then thanks again for the epic ferret drawing, man! That was awesome of you to include!