I was born in 1993 which technically makes me part of the dreaded "millennials". What is a millennial? Apparently according to sites like Gwaker which released this not at all paranoid and laughable article today, we are some hive mind that are going to ruin the world.

Except we're not. In reality, all what a millennial is are an arbitrary group of people used by the media to cause fear and distrust and is ate up Generation X's (another arbitrary group) because of a need to blame others for their own problems. You know like every generation has done before us.

As such here is a list of the many different things I apparently should like or be good at.

I love Retro Gaming

Hey people! Arya Stark can't retro game therefore all millennials can't right? That's how that works right?


I've actually had people come up to me and accuse me as such and I tell you something I told them. I've beat Megaman 1-6, all three NES Castlevania games, the actual Super Mario Bros 2 and the original Ninja Gaiden 1 & 2. All without the need of save states or cheats. Try again.

Also, can the TheFineBros just go away now? They're not funny and think a few equal the majority (making them the gaming equivalent of Fox News).


I Love Fantasy & Sci-Fi

According to Generation X snobs, I can't love Sci-Fi and Fantasy because I'm to self-centered, care to much about memes and fads like Harry Potter & Twilight as well as lack the creative skills to appreciate it.


As I've mentioned before, I love anime and want to eventually work in that industry or at least, use what I've learned to help me in western animation. I also love the classic Universal Horrors, Star Trek, comics based around character like Starfire and Batgirl and the works of Tolkien and Terry Pratchett.

Jeez, It's almost like people are unique and can't simply be defined by some vague speculation.


I can't save money

Many have said to my face that I can't possibly know how to save money and articles like the Gawker one I linked to earlier seem to indicate that's because I'm a millennial. I guess the £10,000 worth of saved money I have in my savings account must be fictional.


I have no fashion sense

According to many Generation X's, eventually the world will look like Final Fantasy X because millennials can't be trusted to dress themselves because as we all know, Generation X was so well known for their dress sense like the ever relevant swatches.


I may not be the most dress savvy person but really, if you can only feel better about yourself by judging an entire groups of people on there dress sense. Grow up.

I lack emotions

According to many, I'm an emotionless person that could care less for others.

Of course, If you know anything of me, you'd know I'm amazingly apologetic (some would say annoyingly so) if I've wronged someone, even if it was something small. I'm also capable of sadness, anger, sympathy (something I've noticed many Generation X's are incapable of), fear and happiness.