I can't keep up with comics any more.

For quite a few (ok, most) I'm behind by a year or more. And some of them, I feel I'm reading out of obligation rather than any story enjoyment ("I MUST RETAIN MY GEEK CRED! ARGHHH!")

So I have to admit defeat. Some of them are just going to have to go the big comic box in the sky.

But not all of them. I have to keep some, and I need your advice.


Aquaman - It started off really strong and I enjoyed the story lines, but I'm sorry Atlantis-dude.


World's Finest - I never really understood Earth 2, anyway.

Catwoman - I wanted to like this series, but the way they were writing and drawing her... no. I'm done.

Batman Inc - I still don't understand this one. I wonder when Damien will come back, though.


Red Hood - Again, I had strong hopes. I weirdly like Jason Todd. But, yeah. I've stopped caring.

Nightwing - Well, they cancelled it. Makes my life easier.

Superman/Wonder Woman - It came out as I predicted. So I'm fine with dropping it.



Animal Man - Jeff Lemire is my man. I like AM stories.

Justice League - America, I think? That's the one that goes to Canada? Oh God I'm so behind. Since it's Lemire I'm confident I'll enjoy it. Plus I gotta give props to the new Canadian First Nations hero. Oh, but I really like Justice League: Dark, too. OK, two Justice Leagues BUT THAT'S IT.


One Batman Series - but which one? I'll admit to being completely out of which one is which. One had the League of Owls story, and one had the Joker taking off his face and kidnapping Bat Co? So, do I stick with classic Batman, or The Dark Knight, or Detective Comics?

Birds of Prey/Wonder Woman/Batgirl/Batwoman - I need to pick only one. For my sanity. But, which one? I do enjoy WW art. But maybe I'll really like what the BoP are up to? Ugh. Life is so hard.

Ms Marvel - It's sweet and I enjoy the protagonist.

Captain Marvel - Did that just start from zero again recently? I thought I was relatively up to date by getting the trade paperbacks. How old is this series? Anyway, I like her and want to stick with this one.


Query: Is Forever Evil done? Can I start with the new story lines? Are there any other lines you think I would enjoy that are easy enough to get into?