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I'm bored at work again

Let's all help me plan my wedding some more!

Alrighty, so last we talked I was considering geeky soaps as my favours, but upon further inspection those cost more than I was reasonably willing to spend. New idea: LEGO!

I'm thinking a baggy of LEGO candy (or should I buy real LEGO? No, I want people to just eat this/give it to the children for eating and not have to worry about having random LEGO pieces):


+ some minifigs that I get in bulk (you can buy them in bulk, right? I have to visit my LEGO store):


table that works together to make the best LEGO structure wins the centrepiece, which will be:



Full disclosure, ThinkGeek does not ship these outside the US so I will be asking a favour of one of you fine folks in the upcoming year (AKA the next time they have a BOGO sale). :D


That's as far as I've gotten. Well, I know I'm having one of these as the wedding cake:



But I'm not sure whether our cake toppers should be "Mario and Princess Peach" or "Jaeger and Kaiju in top hat and veil" (I'm the monster, obviously. I'm thinking Knifehead)


Artist's rendering:


I really want to incorporate my collection of turrets, but I'm not sure how yet. Maybe decorating my sweet table. Also, my Doctor Who stuff. Maybe my plushy Adipose can stand guard over the roast pig/lamb (ha!). Maybe my big Dalek watching over the bar? And the 'signature cocktail' can be called "Dalek". I mean, I can call a cocktail whatever I want, right?


Now, help me find a first dance song. I have NO CLUE.

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