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I'm feeling vine. How about you?

I never open my blinds or curtains in this particular room, so imagine my surprise when I caught a glimpse of green yesterday and saw that this little ivy vine had somehow made its way through my drywall and sprouted in my windowsill.

Seriously, the hole it's coming out of is less than 2mm wide. As I refuse to interact with nature, I felt a little violated by this intrustion. I'm convinced that every green plant on the planet is poison ivy, so I refuse to touch it.


Part of me wants to by a weed trimmer to snuff out its existence, still another part of me wants to see how big it will get and if I'll eventually be able to climb it to a castle in the sky.

However, the nerd in me instantly had two thoughts upon seeing it:

I'm now pricing riding lawnmowers and machetes.

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