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I'm Getting Really Tired of MCU Backlash

I need to rant for a little while, and I'm going to do that here. I'm going to be talking about the Marvel movies, so be aware that there'll probably be spoilers in here for all of them. Probably not Agents of Shield though, because I still have those DVR'd through, uh, February, so I'm a bit behind.

So Cracked had a piece today called "4 Reasons that Marvel Movies are all the Same" and it's pretty much exactly what you'd expect. Their reasons, for the record, are that "the plots are already getting repetitive," "inevitably, some movies will get rushed," "Marvel is already pissing off their best actors," and "comic book audiences don't actually like auteur filmmakers." I don't even want to talk about their article so much, I don't agree with their statements on any level (and the fact that they think people didn't like Catwoman because it didn't stick to the source material is bizarre in itself), it's just this weird trend I'm noticing. Marvel's made a whole bunch of good films and a few mediocre ones, and suddenly there's this massive backlash against them every time anyone brings them up.


I don't want to sound like a fan boy here. There are flaws in the Marvel movies, certainly, and there's a place for criticism of them. I don't even like all of them, namely Iron Man 2 and Thor. The thing is, there's suddenly this massive backlash against these films, and I just don't get it. I hear people say they're all the same, but they aren't, that is false. If you saw Thor 2 (which I didn't even like very much!) and Captain America 2, and said "yeah, well, this norse-mythology fantasy film and this modern spy-thriller both feature guys in costumes punching other guys, god Marvel why don't you try something different?" then I just don't know what to tell you. Iron Man is a completely different series from Thor is a completely different series from Captain America is a completely different series from Hulk.

The other one I hear is people complaining that the films don't take enough risks, or don't try to be anything other than base-level action films, but I really don't understand how anyone who saw Iron Man 3 or Captain America 2 (also hate the people who say Captain America is jingoistic) can say that with a straight face. Really? Really guys? Really?

I just hate this. It makes me mad. It's obvious that the only reason this backlash exists is because a bunch of people like these movies, and it's not cool to like a movie a bunch of people like, so we better make them out to be the most boring, by the numbers films in existence, despite the fact that if you actually paid attention they are far riskier and far smarter than any other blockbuster film series out there right now.

Is it just me?

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