Alrighty! Some pics are pouring in so I'm going to do this in sections... First off, Masquerade!

We did four separate pieces: Felix, Vanellope, Calhoun, and Ralph.

Felix was the easiest... We were able to pick up most of the pieces from where I work. Modified them slightly (replaced the buttons, cut up the shirt so that it was short sleved, etc). And we purchased the patches from an Etsy store. My husband also let me airbrush on some makeup on him so that he could have the right "cartoon look".

Calhoun (me) was made out of Wonderflex and Worbla and then hand painted using different techniques to mimic all the different textures that are on the cartoon. If you look closely I'm also wearing blue "digital style" contacts for the blue. That wig was so fun to wear! Also, the whole thing lights up!!!


Ralph was a mascot costume we made using insulation foam and fabric. We made the body, arms, feet and head. This was all because our friend has this massive beard and we didn't want to ask him to shave it off because he loves it. Ralph's head gets really hot because there is no fan in there and our ventilation was covered by the massive amounts of hair we had to put on him...

Vanellope may look simple but she was also a lot of work... We dyed a par of tights and a hoodie to match, cut up the tights and sewed on the white stripes so that it would look seamless. We also hand made the candies for her hair and glued those on. We also coulsn't get the licorice right so we just pinned on some real licorice at the last minute!


All in all, we were competing as Journeymen but the judges loved our work so much they bumped us up to masters and gave us Workmanship at the Masters level... We may have gotten really, REALLY hyper after... Actually I think I'm still riding that high. :) Anyways, instead of going into more detail I'm just gonna share more pictures!