I'm not going to present this as a full review of this paper, but thanks to my sister I have started reading an article from The Journal Of Bisexuality, GLAAD to Be Torchwood? Bisexuality and the BBC , which dings Torchwood for...not being as bi as it says on the label, I'm getting, as well as decreasingly queer as the budget and prominence increased.

They note that in the first season all the members of the team have bisexual experiences, which are dwelt on to varying amounts, and which go to different bases. Ironically, though, they call a foul of bisexual erasure on Owen never getting it on with another guy, which I know would drive many bi people into a froth.

While it is true that once you take Jack and Ianto out of the picture, more screen time is given to girl on girl, but is that fair, to take Jack and Ianto out? Is the idea that Owen and his rape victim are played for laughs even paying attention to what Owen is doing there, raping a couple? I was too distracted, I think, by unapologetic, deliberate "sex pollen" to realise it was supposed to be funny...

There is also the assertion that bisexuality is de-emphasised as the show makes its turn from BBC3 through radio plays to BBC1—but in Children Of The Earth we're dealing with Jack's boyfriend and Jack's descendants—how is that not paying attention to both ends of the Kinsey scale?

If anyone else has access to this, I'd be interested in your opinions—I do need to read it more carefully—these are preliminary reactions only.


(image by Daniel Krall)