I ask a question first and foremost - how many people actually believe that Melisandra buys her own line about Stannis being Azor Ahai? My feelings, and more questions of that nature under the cut.

For Reference:

Because I think she knows she full of shit. She has enough power to see the signs, to glimpse into the future that might be (or will be, I’m not here to speculate on the exact nature of her abilities). I think she’s seen what might be and she is trying very, very hard to make it happen. She picked what she thought was the most likely horse, and then tried to rig the race. She set him up with a fake Lightbringer (Ameon sees through it right away, and it makes little sense to me that he knows it’s a fake and she, the one who lit it up, didn’t), and is now trying to force events.

But, I also think she’s found a new horse to back. It seemed to me, especially after Stannis left the Wall, that she was eyeing up Jon Snow as the most likely Azor Ahai (her and the rest of the god-damned world).


So that is question one, and I invite your discussions. Question two, why for goodness sake is there any dispute about who Azor Ahai is? I mean sure, the characters in the books don’t know, but for readers I think it should be pretty crystal clear. It’s Daenerys.

Born in a salty sea storm. Reborn in a fire with a red comet in the sky. Burned a king’s blood to wake stone dragons (this is the real clincher). Born of the right blood line. All seems legit to me.


Of course I know the point of the prophecy as a literary device in the books is how broadly it can be applied. And Ameon, the character who agrees with me, had previously applied the prophecy very effectively as a way to prove Rhaegar was the Prince that was Promised. But I can’t help but feel we are one burning sword away from our reborn savior.

Third question, have I ranted on the odeck about this before? Please tell me if I’m becoming a broken record.