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I'm not the playlist guy...but here's a playlist

Thanksgiving week, a friend and I drove across country, hand-delivered some stuff to someone, and turned around and came back. Delaware to L.A. to Delaware ~5600 miles in 6 days. I though you might enjoy the playlist. Unfortunately it’s not in order, but feel free to adjust for your time of day and driving conditions. For example, Autumn’s Grey Solace comes in handy on a foggy morning, and Talking Heads is good for staying awake that last 50 miles to the hotel you booked on your phone.

We played Alice’s Restaurant on Thanksgiving morning, so you might replace it with something appropriate to the time of year.

I just played the one April March song, as a palate cleanser between two heavy-hitters.


160Gb Ipods rule!

Here’s the list...

Saint Etienne -Tiger Bay

Robin Trower -Bridge of Sighs

Sass Jordan - Rats

Shakti -Saturday Night in Bombay

McLaughlin, de Lucia and Dimeola - Friday Night in San Francisco

Steve Tibbets -Yr

Tool -Aenima and 10000 Days

Lindsay Sterling - Shatter Me

Trance Mission -Trance Mission

Hoven Droven -Turbo

Zappa -Just Another Band From L.A.

Talking Heads -Fear of Music

Pink Floyd -Wish You Were Here

Sorten Muld -Mark II

Rain Tree Crow - Rain Tree Crow

Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans -Unhinged Thing

Not Drowning, Waving - Follow The Geography

Morphine -Cure For Pain

Monica Ramos -Maoi

Marta Sebestyen -Apokrypha

Mark Knopfler -Local Hero

Manu Dibango -Wakafrika

Angelique Kidjo -Fifa

Aster Aweke -Aster

Liz Phair -Liz Phair

Living Color -Stained

Liquid Tension Experiment -Liquid Tension Experiment

Lili Haydn -Light Blue Sun

Led Zeppelin -III

Laurie Anderson -Home of the Brave

K’s Choice -Paradise In Me

Kirsty MacColl -Electric Landlady

King Crimson -Lark’s Tongues In Aspic

Jonatha Brook -Linger

Jon Hassell and Brian Eno -Possible Musics

Jean-Luc Ponty No Absolute Time

Jatun - Jatun

Sugar -File Under Easy Listening

French Frith Kaiser and Thompson -Live Love Larf and Loaf

Godley and Creme -Consequences

Foreverinmotion -Foreverinmotion

Evanescence -Evanescence (Deluxe Edition)

Darling Buds -Erotica

Mingus - Ah-Um

Heidi Berry - Miracle

Adrian Belew -Twang Bar King

Beck -Guero

Cibo Matto -Stereotype A

Balake Sissoko -Maimouna

Baaba Maal and Mansour Seck -Djam Leelii

Autumn’s Grey Solace -Eifelian

Arlo Guthrie -Alice’s Restaurant (on Thanksgiving)

April March - Stay Away From Robert Mitchum

Annbjorg Lien -Baba Yaga

Curlew -A Beautiful Western Saddle

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