Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I'm obsessing on Doctor Who...

... the way I obsessed on Babylon 5 oh so many years ago.

As such, I am eating tex-mex, drinking copious amounts of margaritas (fresh made/fresh ingredients, no mixes here, people!!) and re-watching episodes from the Tennant and Smith eras. Up now is the "11th Hour". I'm just noting that, unlike the first time I viewed it, the scene with him trying different foods doesn't annoy me like it did the first time round. I think because I get Matt Smith's take on the Doctor now, so it's funny in that context.


Also, Moffat (damn him) has Smith spit out the basic underlying premise of the whole damned season during that scene, when Smith comments on Amelia Pond's name. I heard it and went "Dammmnn, he told us right there what was up, didn't he!" Sneaky Moffat.

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