Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks
Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

I’m...honestly not sure what to make of this. But let’s go down the list:

  1. Main character is Stereotypical Atheist who doesn’t believe in God because their mom died in a car crash after getting better from cancer. Which, I’ll admit, is kind of shitty.
  2. He also runs a podcast called the “Millennial Prophet” where he repeatedly tells people there is no God and his co-host reminds people that his dad is a preacher. Wow, this sounds like a terrible podcast.
  3. Then, ONE DAY, he gets a friend request from God. And suddenly the trailer turns into a Facebook commercial.
  4. Once he friends God, he gets another Friend suggestion: John Dove! Whom he just runs into! And then saves from committing suicide!
  5. And then there’s another friend request: Cara Bloom! Who turns out to be the daughter of the nurse who treated his mom and now he helps reunite Cara with her mom, but oh no, Cara’s mom has another daughter and Cara runs away into traffic and gets hit by a car, but look! there’s John Dove again and he turns out to be a doctor!
  6. “She has a pulse,” John Dove says, as if that will cure her of being hit by a car.
  7. Suddenly, Stereotypical Atheist isn’t so sure about being an atheist and has to ask the tough questions, like “Does God have a plan for us?” which isn’t really a tough question at all.
  8. Also, the show is called God Friended Me, which is just...the worst title ever.

Look: I’m an atheist, but I also enjoy shows where God interacts with people. Joan of Arcadia was great at that, at keeping God as a character, but still mysterious. It actually includes one of my favorite portrayals of God and favorite scenes of the main character asking why. But God Friended Me doesn’t look at all like Joan of Arcadia. It looks like a schmaltzy attempt to get millennials to believe in God...and join Facebook.


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