Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks


Okay, we all know that images are borked. I'm trying to work out all the ways they're borked.

The major ways I've noticed it is with uploading from a URL, where I can see the image in the preview, but it doesn't display in the post or comment. Now k-original picture has been uploaded just fine, but the resizing is somehow borked. I tend to fix it by going back into the post and replacing the remote URL with the gawker asset k-original URL, but it seems to be more reliable to just comment somewhere and repost the URL and it redoes the work and the k-resized URL now works in the post just fine. And it's also something you can do for someone else's broken image, which is nice.


And then there are just images that won't post from remote URLs (usually happens to me in image heavy posts (which I never do, seriously)) and I end up having to randomly save some of them to my HD and upload them from there until I hit the problem image among the many. Intensely annoying and not a little time intensive, thanks so much, computer beast.

Any other image related bugs you want to post here?

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