Miscalibrated Internet Receptor Stalks

Imagine what the greatest minds in history could have done if their body hadn't failed them...

Newton. Einstein. Steve Jobs!!! Imagine what he could have done!!! Wait. What??? Self/Less? Are you serious?

OK - Self/Less - you weren’t bad. Nothing really new in the body switch genre, and kinda predictable, but entertaining. And given how many bloody Apple logos are all over the place in this movie, your mad scientist is obviously a huge fan, but - that recital of the three greatest men in history was a bit much... You can earn your sponsoring money by product placement, I don’t think you have to sneak yourself up your sponsor’s rectum.......


Anyhow. Not a bad movie. Entertaining. Nothing new, scientifically as implausible as all of these movies, but Tarsem Singh, despite giving up his trademark visuals for the mainstream outing is a great director who can shoot some remarkable scenes nonetheless and Ryan Reynolds is a good actor. (He is not however really a replacement for Ben Kingsley, but what can you do...)

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