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Implanted headphones!

Based on a cool instructable for stealth headphones, a grinder has taken it to the next level by implanting neodymium magnets within the tragus of his ear.

The magnets vibrate via the electromagnetic field produced by a wire solenoid necklace connected to an amplifier, microphone and power supply. Intended to assist him in echolocation in the event of possibly impending vision loss, he forsees a range of possible uses of the audio feedback for devices such as a geiger counter and thermal radiation sensor, as well as for listening to music and covertly screening conversations.


"The implant is going to allow for a lot of new senses. Plugging new sensors into the jack will allow me to experience a lot of the world that is normally invisible. Well, it still might be invisible but now it will be audible. This new synesthesia of sorts is an exciting way to explore the world and develop new instincts about the way the world works around you."

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