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UPDATE: As of 5:45 pm EST today, Twitch fixed the problem and has finally started airing the episodes it was supposed to air starting at 2 pm EST: The Web Planet , The Space Museum, The Chase. 

I know a lot of us don’t check io9 or Giz and just hang out here, so I wanted to make sure everyone is aware of this because it’s just amazing. Today’s stream is starting at 2 pm EST. In a perfect world, there would always be a streaming channel that shows nothing but Classic Who 24/7, 365 days a year.


Here are the links:

For the full schedule, go here: Doctor Who TV: WATCH CLASSIC DOCTOR WHO ON TWITCH

For the actual streaming page, go directly here: Twitch Presents: Doctor Who

They are doing five days of streaming (Monday-Friday) with a two day break every weekend (Saturday-Sunday) until July 23rd.


EDITED: During the two day weekend break, I don’t know if they are taking a full break or showing repeats. (Originally, I beliefed that they were re-airing the episode from earlier in the week during the two day break.)

EDITED AGAIN: I got my days wrong! Sorry! Today they are airing: The Web Planet , The Space Museum, The Chase. (I thought today wxs the 31st of May, not June 1st.)


EDITED AGAIN AGAIN: For some reason, Twitch is “fixing a problem (with) today’s playlist”, so they are airing yesterday’s episodes until they fix the problem. (That must be why they played An Unearthly Child and then jumped to Planet of Giants.)

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