(God knows, they aren't making it easy right now, but hey, Republicans).

I realize, what with assorted loons and crazies, that Texas gets a bad rap right along there with Florida. Hey, I can dig it. But what people don't realize is that Texas is no different than any other state, (besides being better, heh). We have saints and sinners, maniacs and martyrs, great people and morons. We also have a sense of humor, of goofiness. We can laugh about just about anything and mean it. Two of the writers at Gawker Media are from Texas: Ashley Feinberg and Leslie Horn. You have to admit that they are endearing and funny.

Despite popular belief most people in Texas have never:

1. Ridden a horse, nor owned one.

2. Worn a cowboy hat, nor boots.

3. Lived on a ranch.

4. Owned an oil well.

5. Owned a gun.

6. Lived in a trailer.

7. Done stupid shit involving any kind of farm animal.

8. Owned a farm animal.

9. Supported anything that took away anyone's rights, especially not a woman's right to govern her own body.


Very few of us here ever get mentioned because, like everywhere, the good people are "boring", not newsworthy. We just work, live and play and cope with what life throws our way.

And try very hard not to let the cretins win.

Just like everywhere else.