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In light of Burtonian Institute's music post...

I thought of a semi follow up. I know the other one was about guilty pleasure songs, but how about we take that idea for a spin and run with it.

What bands or albums are so deliciously awesome that you want to recommend them to everybody?

I have my example in the form of Yoink! They were a pop punk/bubblegum pop local band from when I was in high school. I used to go to their shows regularly. In point of fact, the drummer, Lindsay, who I had a major crush on then and now (and not just cause she was the first girl I'd ever met who was a grade above me that I thought was awesome), was once taking the cash for tickets at the door and commented on my shirt. I was wearing my Aggies t-shirt. "I like your shirt. [pops collar on shirt he's not currently wearing] My 16 year old self felt so freaking awesome. "Lindsay commented on my shirt and smiled at me!"


Anyway, their music is the most deliciously infections bubblegum pop punk music you will ever hear. Their fans were many and across all types of the various social and high school types. Preps, football jocks, geeks, nerds, hipsters, metal kids, stoners, etc. You name the group and their preferred type of music, you had a Yoink! fan.

What you'll find on that linked Bandcamp page is their one and only album. If you like it though I can totally hook you up with about an additional album's worth of songs that I acquired at the time in my youth.

Seriously, how can you not like that music. Five Days and The Plastic Sleeve (which was amazing to hear Rob do live, cause of that freaking extremely long vocal note... not to mention Lindsay's amazing drumming) are my two personal favorites. Well and Aisle Three, but only because I like hearing Lindsay sing. I mentioned I had a crush on her, yes?

Oh and I still have the sticker and pins they gave out when they sold their first and only album, I have official copy number 10 of 50. Woohoo!


So come on, share the bands and albums. You know you want to. The "too good to hate" stuff that everyone should listen to. Let's hear it!

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